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BUFF Professional Collection is high performance, protective headwear for safety. A collection of products with internationally recognized certifications for protection from Fire, Arc Flash, Cuts, Cold, and Sun.

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Ways to Wear BUFF Multifunctional Headwear

How to Wear BUFF Professional Headwear

Fire Protection

Protects from heat, flames and thermal hazards. Certifications: EC-Type Examination Certificate in accordance with the content of (UE) Regulation 2016/425 and in accordance with the trial procedures applicable according to EN ISO 11612:15

Arc Flash Protection

Protects from thermal risks derivative form an arch flash. Certifications: CE - CAT II EN ISO 13688/13, EN ISO 11612/15, EN 1149-5/08, ASTM F1506-15 HRC2 21.3 CAL/CM2, EN 15614/07, *IEC 61482-2/14, *EN61482-1-1 ATPV=17.7 CAL/CM2

Cut Protection

Designed for police, military personnel and workers requiring neck and head cut protection. Certifications: CE - CAT II EN ISO 13688/13, EN ISO 13997:2000, High Cut Protection Level "D".

Cold Protection

Materials and technologies for protection in extremely cold situations. Certifications: CE - CAT I EN ISO13688/13, UNE-EN 14058/17, *EN ISO 20471:2013

Sun Protection

UPF 50+ Sun protection and HeiQ™ cooling technology for long days outdoors. Certifications: *EN ISO 20471:213 + Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation*