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We are proud to support and tell the stories of those that truly live their lives to the fullest. Finding a connection amongst us all that enriches our souls and motivates us to be more appreciative, and more connected to those things that bring us the most joy and satisfaction – whatever those things may be, and wherever they may take us.

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The Chase  /   Paul Rich's Story

An every man if there ever was one, Paul Rich’s interests are truly vast and varied. Ever the tinkerer, Paul parlayed a love of building and creating into a side hustle business with his family called Brothers Rich where you’ll find everything from beautifully refurbished bicycles to hand detailed crab mallets. Also an outdoorsman, running off-shore to fish and the hunt for beauty in nature has driven Paul to never stop searching, never stop creating, and never stop sharing these experiences with the people he loves.

Passion for More  /   Gina Lucrezi's Story

Watch Gina Lucrezi's Story

After becoming a ten time All-American and National Champion in the 1500 meters, Gina Lucrezi transitioned her passion to trail and ultra running. In 2016 Gina established Trail Sisters to offer support and connect a community of women runners.