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Kylie Fly / 4-26-2019

Kylie Fly on the riverRoll top bags, a trusty water bottle and a good headband... river trip essentials

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Idaho is something of a hidden gem, and we like to keep it that way. Known for its renowned river runs and access to prestigious white water sports, Idaho is home to over 100,000 miles of river. The wild and scenic places we like to call home give Idaho its endearing nickname, Idahome, for the lucky ones.

Britten Duerden smiling
Keeper of the coveted "Pre Dinner Foods" cooler
Britten Duerden, a young 20-something Idaho transplant, has been running rivers since she was just a kid. Her first multi-day river trip was when she was still waddling around in diapers and her first solo at just 9. She’s got nerves of steel and regularly guides groups of 15-30 people as trip leader down the Salmon upwards of 50 days per year. She’ll tell you right off the bat, the Salmon river runs through her veins. Britten put BUFF® Aqua Gloves to the test, combatting hours of paddling under the sweltering summer sun of yet another infamous Idaho heat wave and they proved to protect and serve swimmingly. When you live out of an ammo can and one dry bag for weeks at a time, you know how to keep your packing list minimal and only bring the essentials. Britten is all about getting her gear dialed, and BUFF® products like the CoolNet UV+® Multifunctional Headband were certainly along for the ride.

Britten Duerden rowing a boat

“Everyone should take at least one river trip in their life. If they all did that, the world would have more peace, less conflict and people would definitely be happier.” - Old River Guide

rafting down the river
Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride
Kylie sipping tea on the river

Life on the river is a simple one. When I first arrived at the boat launch I ran into an old river guide who spoke frankly saying, “Everyone should take at least one river trip in their life. If they all did that, the world would have more peace, less conflict and people would definitely be happier.” I do believe whole heartedly that time on the water calms the soul and frees the mind. Barriers come down, shoulders relax and everything naturally falls into focus in favor of being present in the here and now. We don’t want to be distracted—we want to be present. Presence is exactly what is needed, demanded and desired on trips like these. Solitude on the river coupled with putting screens away allows room to breathe and re-center through adventure. By unplugging from the “real world” and plugging in to what is truly real (and right in front of you, for that matter!), is what counts. Face-to-face engagement, adventurous experiences and nights under the stars is a life well-lived.

the night sky
Goodnight stars
Kylie showing her headband
The day's hair styling, check.

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