"Survivor: Cambodia (Second Chance)" Finale: Watch Me for the Changes

Toby Blackwell / 12-18-2015

SURVIVOR Buffs, this epic season is over.  Twenty people were given a second chance to change their SURVIVOR stories.  Many did, some did not. And one in particular changed his so much that he emerged as Sole SURVIVOR, a winner of a million dollars. Inspired by the changes in the contestants and the changes in the game itself, I, too, changed up how I did things when I recapped Wednesday nght's 3 hour finale.  Instead of watching the episode twice, then writing about it, then maybe doing a video encompassing a few episodes, I went ahead and did the video first.  So, my actual episode recap for the finale of SURIVOR: CAMBODIA (Second Chances) can be found here:


Check out the video, and as usual, comment on it, like it, share it, and -- most of all -- enjoy it. It was an amazing, exciting finale, leading to Jeremy's well-deserved victory.  Now that the dust has settled, I have some additional thoughts about it that didn't necessarily make the video.


I applaud Kimmi for trying to do SOMETHING to change up her fate in the game.  She may have seemed disloyal, but people were only taking her because they knew they could beat her.  Is that really true loyalty on their part?  She had to make some move, both to show the jury she was a player and to try to advance herself from a perceived 4th spot.  Plus, if you're not going to win anyway, you might as well try a move that could work.  If it doesn't, then, well, you weren't going to win anyway.  But the game is too hard to just passively be out there, helping someone else get the big prize.  The Hidden Idol situation screwed her, although the better play might have been trying to get out Tasha or Spencer instead of Jeremy, who would be most likely to have an Idol.  Then again, Wentworth wasn't a likely double Hidden Idol-holder either, so who knows?  Kimmi's plan was good, but her execution was clumsy, and luck was not on her side.


That said, I really hope Jeremy has given her a sincere apology for his behavior towards her at Tribal Council.  Yes, he was hurt and betrayed, but nobody's game play deserved the disrespect and nastiness that he showed Kimmi.  If someone had treated his daughter like that, he'd be the first one to hunt him down and whup his butt.    But this isn't the first time Jeremy has shown such aggressiveness.  I am totally a Jeremy supporter, but I found this incident ugly, and, as a fellow man of color, disappointing.  As a father, a man of color, and now a SURVIVOR champion, Jeremy needs to set a better example.  Ironically, the victim of this berated Spencer for his behavior towards Jeremy, while never addressing the bullying she suffered.   And, at the end of the day, Spencer apologized for his behavior, Jeremy did not.  Hopefully, in private, he gave Kimmi the apology she deserves.


Spencer, on the other hand, needs to apologize to all of us for his appearance on the Reunion Show.  Um, I know it was unlikely, but you could have been the SURVIVOR winner.  Is a hoodie sweatshirt really what you want to collect your million dollar check in?  Let's hope that cute girlfriend, who is head over heels for him, can fix his wardrobe.   I also thought it was totally interesting how he seems to have sworn off SURVIVOR now.  Hopefully someday he'll be able to watch the episodes and be proud of the personal work he did and the game he played.


Tasha, too, should be proud of her game, and she is.  But, as I said in my last recap, she was tired or something, because she didn't express very well all that she had done.  She was essentially screwed so hard by the swaps.  She not only overcame that devastating swap, but then emerged on top.  She should have emphasized her work on Angkor and she should have shut Kass down as a liar.  Instead, by using corporate-speak and empowerment words, she displayed a defensiveness that was both off-putting and unnecessary.


I loved Wentworth all the way to the end and through the Reunion show.  She was the person who made the most of their Second Chance, at least to me.  I wasn't so keen on here during her first season, but I was sad when she didn't make it to the Final Tribal this time around.  Had she done so, we most certainly would not have seen the landslide victory that happened. Anyway, this season, as the video says, was epic, arguably the best season ever (except the first, when it was all new).  Casting did a great job this season, and by casting, I mean, the fans.  Hopefully we'll get to do that again in future seasons.  But, for now, we wait until the start of an even Brainier, Brawnier, more Beautiful SURVIVOR season (with Beast Mode Cowboy!).  Thanks for experiencing this with me, SURVIVOR Buffs.  I hope you have a great hiatus, wonderful holidays, and a fun time watching my video!




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