Why Knot Fishing

Why Knot Fishing

Why Knot Fishing


Why Knot Fishing is a team of passionate and positive anglers focused engaging the fishing community in an exciting way to get more people on the water (especially kids!) They are strong believers in catch and release, and promote and support conservation of the environment and fisheries.


What started off as a small group of anglers on the North Shore of Massachusetts, is now an ever growing team in the Northeast, down the East Coast, and across the country.  WKF Co-founders Joe Gugino & Matt Zimmermann are now joined by a core group of TeamWhyKnot Captains as some of the most skilled anglers in their areas, and more importantly are great people always looking to help their fellow fishermen.

Check out their website at whyknotfishing.com to learn more about them and see what exciting fishing adventures they have been up to!

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Favorite Products

"Why Knot has always worn BUFF® products, and are proud to be on the BUFF® team. Products like the UV BUFF® are perfect for long days in the sun both inshore and offshore, and also are great to protect against the wind when motoring out. The UVX Mask is our favorite for marathon days on the flats, and the breathing holes allow maximum ventilation. As hard core fly fishermen (and women) the Stripping Guards are perfect for protecting against the burn of the fly line through constant stripping or fighting a big fish.
We also love our BUFF® products in the cold. Many of us look forward to long days on the river in search of big trout, or long days on the ice in search of toothy critters. The Thermal Hoodie and the Polar BUFF® are our two favorites for spending the day out in the cold weather."


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