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Sweetwater TV

Passion for the outdoors is something that is best shared with a good friend. Sweetwater TV showcases the fishing adventures of two friends, Miles "Sonar" Burghoff and Joey Nania, as they travel to the most exciting fishing destinations, and share their knowledge of different techniques and strategies with each other, as well as the audience.

Sweetwater means freshwater, so if you are looking for the finest in freshwater fishing action, tune in to Sweetwater TV on NBC Sports or Sportsman Channel.

Learn more about Sweetwater TV on their website: sweetwaterfishingtv.com

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Spinning vs. Baitcasting Gear For Freshwater Fishing
BUFF® Staff / 6-8-2016

Spinning vs. Baitcasting Gear For Freshwater Fishing

Sweetwater co-host, Miles "Sonar" Burghoff, explains when to use spinning tackle and casting tackle for freshwater fishing. A question many of us recreational anglers have had.

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