Fly Rod Chronicles

Fly Rod Chronicles

Fly Rod Chronicles

"Fly Rod Chronicles”, now in its 12th season is a national award-winning show featuring host Curtis Fleming. Curtis’ profound ability to share a touching story in the midst of a special stream across the world is currently being aired nationally on the Outdoor Channel and on various local networks.

Follow Curtis as he travels in search of fly caught fish and take part in his adventures along the way.

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“Fly Rod Chronicles is all about the people we meet, the places we go and the stories that emerge from as a result.  Fish are just a bonus to any gorgeous day on the water” - Curtis Fleming

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Favorite Products

When choosing the right kit for saltwater and freshwater fishing I always have a couple BUFF® products that I can never do without.  Me for, I live life on the water and in the sun, so protection from the elements is key.  Its rare to find me without my UV BUFF®, stripping guards and sport series gloves.  The UV BUFF® keeps me protected from the sun and wind while chasing trout in western rivers and also when stalking bonefish on the flats of places like Acklins Island in the Bahamas.  The Stripping Guards, have quickly become a favorite as well.  Long days of stripping streamers for hungry fish can wear your hands down quickly.  This handy product keeps my hands protected so I can focus on making TV and catching fish.  When I need a little more protection than the Stripping Guards, I grab my Sport Series Gloves.  These gloves keep the sun off my hands and blisters away when fighting bigger fish in the salt.  -Curtis Fleming


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