atheletes & sponsorships

We support a select number of athletes, teams, events and organizations who love our product and exhibit an elite level of performance. They span our diverse markets and are aligned with the current goals of our brand. 

Athletes / Expeditions

Our company has a long tradition of supporting athletes who have, in turn, helped grow the BUFF® brand. If you are an athlete or planning an expedition in which you think BUFF® headwear will benefit you, we invite you to tell us your story by filling out the Sponsorship Request Form. We work only with people that exhibit the highest level of professionalism in and out of their field. We take sponsorship seriously and hope to build lasting relationships that benefit both parties. If you’re not an active user, we suggest purchasing a few of our products first to test them out. Once you become a believer, then we can discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Tournaments / Competitions

Custom BUFF® headwear is a great way to promote your event and the perfect keepsake for participants. Visit our Custom BUFF® page to learn more about the program and how easy it is to purchase Custom BUFF® products featuring your logo or design. If you’re interested in BUFF® products as highly sought after prizes for a small event, please complete the Sponsorship Request Form. For consideration, you must submit the form at least three months prior to the event and include any supporting information such as a copy of the flyer and attendance data. Due to a limited budget and high volume of requests we cannot fulfill all inquiries.


We value each and every organization participating in fundraisers. Each cause is unique and important to more than just the people involved. However, due to budget constraints, at this time we are not able to provide product for fundraising purposes.

BUFF® Life

Visit the BUFF®Life page to learn more about our featured BUFF® ambassadors and upcoming events we sponsor. If you’re in the area or participating, we encourage you to stop by and visit us at those events.